DVD Boxes

DVD boxes are available in numerous variants and colours. The standard DVD box is 14 mm thick. It is available for one or two discs, or, with an additional swing tray, for three or four discs. There is also a thinner variant with a thickness of 7 mm for one or two discs and thicker multi DVD boxes 21 mm thick for up to six discs, or 28 mm thick for even more discs.

All DVD boxes are 190 mm long and 135 mm wide. The boxes are made from soft polypropylene with a transparent film around the outside for holding printed matter. On the inside, there are generally two clips for securing booklets or other printed matter with additional information.

The DVD itself is held with little hubs.


For more information, please contact us or visit our packaging solutions team. You will find our current specifications with all dimension and printing information in the Downloads area.


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