Blu-ray Boxes

Blu-ray boxes are also made from recyclable polypropylene, but they are somewhat smaller than DVD boxes and are specially designed for HD videos. The harmoniously rounded corners, the transparent blue appearance and the silver Blu-ray disc logo on the top edge are characteristic features.

Blu-ray boxes are available in different versions. There are slim variants with thicknesses of 6 mm or 11 mm for one or two discs, a standard version measuring 12.5 mm thick for one to three discs, a Red Tag-compatible version which is 15 mm thick for one to six discs and a 25 mm version for seven to ten discs.

They all measure 180 mm in length and 135 mm in width. All Blu-ray boxes feature safety hubs for secure holding of the high-quality discs. Most variants are also equipped with two booklet clips on the left-hand side.


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