In order to make your packaging even more valuable and to create an individual and appealing design, you can select a few attractive refinement options, such as partial painting, embossed printing, sparkly paint, flocking and much more.

Sealing stickers, inserts or foam rubber add the final touches to certain packaging.

For special promotion campaigns and similar activities, we can also apply hidden consecutive numbers or codes, such that they are only accessible when the packaging is opened. In this way, additional information from the Internet can be reliably protected, for instance.

Cellophane wrapping is of course a standard service. We also attach stickers, EAN barcode stickers or a Green Dot – completely in line with your specifications.

The discs can obtain unique forms by shaping. We offer you standard shapes such as stars, squares, triangles and hearts, but you can also create your own symmetrical forms.


For more information, please visit our packaging solutions team or contact us.


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