Special Packaging Types

Cake Boxes

Cake boxes (spindles) are mainly used for blank CDs and DVDs. They are available in different sizes, but the setup is always the same: a spindle, onto which the discs are then stacked, sits on a plastic plate. A plastic cylinder, which protects the CDs or DVDs from contamination and damage, is put over this.

We offer cake boxes for 10, 25, 50 or 100 discs.

Shell Boxes

The Shell Box or Clam Shell is a shell-shaped transparent type of packaging made from polypropylene; it is compact and very robust. The shell boxes are especially suitable for the lightweight transport and for simple storage of your discs. Apart from the standard versions, there is a variant with holes for ring binders. The size is approx. 125 x 125 x 4 mm.

Ejector Case

The ejector case, which is also known as the trigger pack, variopack or kick-out pack, is an innovative and patented type of packaging for media. The disc can simply be slid into the case and can be ejected by pressing the small lever in the corner. The ejector case is an excellent option for shipment and storage, being slim, light and virtually unbreakable.

The case is made from transparent polypropylene and is available with different colours of levers. The dimensions of the standard ejector case correspond to a slim jewel case and only one disc can be stored. There is also a jewel case version of the ejector case, which can hold a booklet with up to 16 pages. Both versions can be combined with additional clips for filing in ring binders.


We create digipaks, which are also known as flexipacks, according to your individual requests from 1,000 items. The possibilities are endless; nothing is impossible.

There are three standard sizes...

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Digistacks allow you to package a large number of discs. The trays are arranged like the pages of a book and enable fast access to the individual discs.

Cap Boxes

Cap boxes, which are also known as digiboxes, are hinged boxes. They are normally used without trays and can therefore hold one or several discs in insertion pouches, and can possibly be extended to include a booklet. This type of packaging is suitable for collections of discs, such as e.g. audio books or similar products.

Profile Packs

Profile packs, which are also known as digifiles, are similar to the digipaks. The difference is that with the digipaks, the discs are held in trays; in profile packs, the discs are in contrast inserted into special insertion pouches (half of the disc is inserted into the cardboard, the other half remains visible)...

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Metal Boxes

Metal boxes, which are also known as metal packs or steel books, are one of the most exclusive types of media packaging. The outside is metal and the inside features harmoniously fitted black or transparent trays made from polypropylene. The metal can be printed on the inside and outside according to your requests. To design the packaging even more exclusively, additional refinement options, e.g. embossed printing, can be selected.

The metal box is available in CD, DVD and BD size and is suitable for one or several discs. The delivery time is around 6 to 8 weeks, but it's worth the wait. Your title packaged in a metal box becomes a highlight in every collection!

If you would prefer the box itself not to be made from metal, but want to give your product a metallic touch, you can also have a slipcase made from metal around a standard type of packaging.

Sleeve Packs

Sleeve packs, which are also known as digisleeves, are similar to the profile packs. The difference is that in profile packs, the discs are inserted into special insertion pouches (half of the disc is inserted in the cardboard, the other half remains visible), while with the sleeve packs, the discs are inserted into pouches (the disc disappears completely behind the cardboard)...

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O-cards, which are also known as sleeves, protect your product and at the same time provide an additional information surface. They are open on two sides, such that the product can be easily slid out.


JakeBox is a new, patented and excellent eco-packaging concept for CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and other discs. The outstanding feature is the folded "claw", which holds the disc secure, unfolds in an eye-catching manner, presents the disc, emphasises it and makes it easy to access...

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Metal Slipcases

These high-quality types of packaging made from metal add even greater value to your product. The slipcase is opened on one side, such that the product can be removed with ease and is nonetheless well-protected.

Wooden Boxes

With the selection of a wooden type of media packaging, you can make your product stand out from standard ones. From slim wooden pouches or standard wooden boxes, to solid wood-like specialities, everything is possible. Whether you come with ideas, such as wooden containers in the form of a tree, or whether you prefer a cigarette box shape, we are capable of manufacturing these for you.

This product is manufactured from MicroWOOD® veneer.

Eco Packs

With their environmentally friendly material, Eco Packs offer an innovative packaging solution.

The trays of this product are based on PaperFoam® technology, where the foamed paper is incorporated into a robust and durable casing.

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Mail Packs

A Mail Pack or Mailer corresponds to a standard postcard with an enclosed disc. It is the ideal packaging for sending your discs by post to various addresses in a reliably sealed manner without having to enclose an extra letter. It is a thin and lightweight packaging with which the parts can be posted directly to your addressees. The Mail Packs are the first choice of packaging of City Guide DVDs, which can be sent from various holiday destinations to friends and family at home as the so-called "animated postcard".


From its appearance and folding technology, the Cigabox is based on a cigarette box. Strictly speaking, it is a type of protective cardboard box for DVD boxes. This Cigabox was developed by our design department and shows that virtually any idea can be turned into a reality.

Media Books

The book character of this individual packaging type guarantees your product will grab people's attention at first glance! The booklet and the disc are protected thanks to the sturdy packaging and can be quickly removed in spite of this.

Big Collector`s Pack

This big collector's pack for up to 20 discs with an additional slipcase is the ideal packaging to keep your top titles together and design them as an attractive and space-saving collector's item. The box is sturdy and the discs are held by white or coloured foam points.


STARCASE® - A New Star was born

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are proud to present to you a new standard in multimedia packaging, the Starcase®!

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Have you not yet found the ideal packaging for your product? Speak to us and we'll develop an individual and attractive solution with you.

If you need help in choosing from all these options or simply require a recommendation, please visit our packaging solutions team or contact us.


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