Profile Packs

Profile packs, which are also known as digifiles, are similar to the digipaks. The difference is that with the digipaks, the discs are held in trays; in profile packs, the discs are in contrast inserted into special insertion pouches (half of the disc is inserted into the cardboard, the other half remains visible). This means that the profile packs require no plastic trays; rather, they are made completely from cardboard. This difference makes the profile packs thinner and lighter than digipaks. They are therefore ideal for the packaging of disc collections, e.g. audio books or similar products.

Profile packs can be produced from 1,000 items. There are three standard sizes: the small CD variant, the large DVD variant and the medium-sized Blu-ray variant. Depending on the quantity of the discs to be held and the scope of text and images that are to be printed on the packaging, you can choose between different versions: 4-page (2-part), 6-page (3-part), 8-page (4-part), 10-page (5-part) or 12-page (6-part) with insertion pouches for up to twelve discs.

The paper is normally printed 4/0-coloured on one side, then folded and stuck together, such that the visible surfaces are printed in the end. Only the inside pages, which hold the trays, remain white. If you would also like these printed, the unfolded paper is printed 4/4-coloured on both sides, before it is folded and stuck together.

Furthermore, there are different ways to add other printed matter, such as e.g. booklets: slotted (a horizontal incision covers approx. 30% of the booklet behind the cardboard, the rest remains visible), sleeve (a vertical opening on the inside; the booklet disappears completely behind the cardboard) or pocket (a slanting booklet holder; half of the booklet is inserted into the pouch, the other half remains visible).

To add the final touches, there are plenty of additional options, e.g. glossy or matt overpaint, partial or spot paint (matt or glossy only on individual parts for special effects), embossed printing (indentation or enhancement), silver or gold hot foil stamping for glossy effects, sparkly paint for girly or fairy tale titles, 3D tilted images, to really catch the eye!

If you need help in choosing from all these options or simply require a recommendation, please contact us.

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