JakeBox is a new, patented and excellent eco-packaging concept for CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and other discs. The outstanding feature is the folded "claw", which holds the disc secure, unfolds in an eye-catching manner, presents the disc, emphasises it and makes it easy to access.

The packaging is as ecological as it gets, being 100% recyclable or already made from recycled cardboard or paper and always printed with plant-based colours. It weighs a third of the traditional plastic packaging, thereby reducing the transport and storage costs by more than half and ... it doesn't break when you drop it.

The JakeBox offers unlimited design opportunities and comes in an unprinted or pre-printed version. It is available in many sizes, prints and types of workmanship and offers virtually unlimited opportunities for a creative graphic design. Standard sizes are CD format (140 x 125 mm) and DVD format (140 x 180 mm).

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