Eco Packs

With their environmentally friendly material, Eco Packs offer an innovative packaging solution.

The trays of this product are based on PaperFoam® technology, where the foamed paper is incorporated into a robust and durable casing.

The PaperFoam® trays for CD, DVD and BD packaging are viewed by many as sustainable alternatives to plastic that are gentle on resources.

It is a packaging material made from 100% renewable material. Potato starch or manioc starch is used as a raw material and because these are natural resources, the CO2 emissions are considerably lower than with plastic trays.

The fluctuating oil price has no influence on the price of this eco product. The starch-based trays are manufactured using injection-moulding technology. The process, in which a mixture made from starch and water is injected into a mould, achieves astonishing results.

Benefits of the Eco Packs with PaperFoam® Trays:

  • Climate-neutral packaging
  • CO2 emissions considerably lower compared with plastic
  • 100% recyclable as waste paper
  • Light as a feather, reduces the transport costs
  • More sturdy and attractive than other environmentally friendly trays and types of packaging similar to the grey egg boxes

Other technical information.

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