Insertion Pouches

A paper bag is the simplest packaging option. The standard paper bag is white, has a transparent window with a diameter of 100 mm and a self-adhesive flap. There is also a version with a self-adhesive back for sticking into a magazine or advertising material. Other types and colours or specially printed paper bags can be delivered, too.

Plastic bags are available in a whole host of variations. There are bags with or without a flap, with self-adhesive backs for sticking into a magazine or with holes for filing in a ring binder. The thickness of the bags can vary between 80 and 175 micrometres.

A standard cardboard insertion pouch is another option for value-for-money storage or distribution of your CDs and can be printed to increase the attractiveness. Cardboard insertion pouches are also selected for magazines, often using self-adhesive points on the back and sealing stickers or shrink film to close the insertion pouches.


If you have questions about our products, we are happy to help. Please visit our packaging solutions team or contact us! You will find our current specifications with all dimension and printing information in the download area.



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