Jewel Cases

Standard Jewel Cases

Brilliant Case

The brilliant case is intended for 2 discs and looks very similar to the standard jewel case, with the difference that it features fold-out trays on both sides. It therefore is more reminiscent of a 6-page digipak than a book.

Jewelcase mit Single-Tray schwarz

Jewel cases are a frequent and popular choice as standard packaging for CDs. The standard jewel cases are 124.5mm tall, 142.4mm wide and 10.3mm thick. They can either be combined with black, transparent, white or grey single trays or with black or transparent double trays, which can be turned like the page of a book.

The appearance can be influenced in different ways using printed matter, such as inlays and booklets. All jewel cases are made from crystal-clear, high-quality polystyrene and are 100% recyclable.


The multi-case is thicker than the standard jewel case and can normally hold two to four CDs or up to 6 CDs when using two extra double trays. This packaging is often used for CD collections or for computer games or software with several installation CDs.

Super Slim Case

The super slim case is a space-saving alternative to the jewel case. It is just 5.2mm thick and can hold just one cover card or one booklet on the front, but no inlay card on the back. It is intended for individual discs and is supplied either as black, transparent or black-coloured.

Super Jewel Cases

Super jewel cases are a higher-quality variant of the jewel cases. Improved properties are e.g. rounded corners, reinforced hinges, a practical hub for 1 or 2 discs. They are available in three different sizes: SJC Standard (small, CD), SJC Plus (medium, BD) and SJB King (large, DVD). From music and videos to software and games – the super jewel cases enhance the value and the distinguishability of your contents.

Maxi Single Case

The maxi single case is transparent and 7mm thick. It is intended for individual discs and is often used for CD singles. The case can be equipped only with one maxi card with or without hinges on the front, but not with an inlay card on the back.


If you have questions about our products, we are happy to help. Please visit our packaging solutions team or contact us! You will find our current specifications with all dimension and printing information in the Downloads area.


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