B.R. Productions & Packaging GmbH – a Modern Company in an Old Town

In addition to Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Siemens AG, the Landskron brewery, twenty4help Knowledge Service GmbH, MAXROI Graphics GmbH, BMS GmbH – KEMA, Brandschutztechnik Görlitz GmbH, Electronic-Bauteile Görlitz GmbH and the Rudolf Hoinkis GmbH confectionery factory, B.R. Productions & Packaging GmbH is among the ten biggest companies in Görlitz.

Friedrich-Engels-Strasse Site

The production of optical data carriers in both small and large batches has been taking place at this site since 1996.

Michael Ballack, long-standing team captain of Germany's national football team, was born in the town of Görlitz. He spent the first years of his life in a house on Friedrich-Engels-Strasse. Other famous Görlitzers from contemporary history are Torsten Gütschow and Jens Jeremies; all three of these men are or were internationally successful footballers. There are active footballers among our staff, too. Perhaps one of them will be the next big star?

Görlitz – the Most Beautiful Town in Germany!


Görlitz is a town that's second to none – it's the town of steeples, it's Upper Lusatia's Capital of Culture and it has served as a backdrop for Hollywood films. Indeed, it was here that Jackie Chan shot "Around the World in 80 Days" and actress Kate Winslet shot "The Reader". The deutschfilm GmbH production of "Goethe", directed by Rudolph Stölzl and starring the famous German actors Alexander Fehling and Miriam Stein, as well as Henry Hübchen and Moritz Bleibtreu, was shot in Görlitz, too.

The historical old town is an architectural picture-book, where the style ranges from Romanesque to Art Nouveau. Görlitz is the town with the most renaissance buildings in Germany, it's also the town of Landskron beer and the town of the famous German philosopher Jakob Böhme. There are almost 4,000 listed buildings. Thanks to its location on the 15th meridian east, Görlitz supplies Central European Time for Paris, Rome and Madrid, but also for its twin towns, Amiens (France), Molfetta (Italy), Nový Jičín (Czech Republic), Wiesbaden and Zgorzelec (Republic of Poland). Our town is counted among the four "extremity towns" of Germany – List on Sylt is the most northern extremity, Oberstdorf the most southern, Selfkant the most western and Görlitz the most eastern.

With a few annual highlights, including the Silesian potters market, the ViaThea street theatre, the old town festival and the Christmas market, Görlitz attracts droves of tourists to the town the whole year round and entices the locals to the wonderful old town in the centre of Görlitz.

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