In our glossary, find out more about the diverse world of terms surrounding the production and packaging of optical storage media.


Blu-ray Disc™ or BD

An optical storage medium, mainly for HD videos


Booklet that accompanies the disc

Business Card

Compact Disc in business card format; capacity: max. 30 MB

Cake Box

Simple spindle-shaped packaging for holding stacks of discs. Used mainly for recordable discs (blank, recordables)

Cutting Edge

Paper or image edge measuring 3mm, which is required for processing purposes; it overlaps the trimmed size and equalises tolerances when cutting


Compact Disc – an optical storage medium, mainly for music and software; capacity: max. 700 MB


Compact Disc Recordable – writeable (burnable) CD


Process colours; four-coloured colour system of the printing industry; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (black)

Colour Management

Colour management has the objective of reproducing a template recorded with any input device as similarly as possible on any output device

Cover Card

Paper insert for the front of boxes


Computer to plate; direct imaging from the computer to the plate exposure unit

Delta E Value

Calculated distance of two colour samples, e.g. between an original and its reproduction


See Stamper

Digipaks, Digistacks, Profile Packs, Sleeve Packs

Packaging made from cardboard


Refers to the CD, DVD or Blu-ray.


Digital Versatile Disc – an optical storage medium, mainly for videos and software; capacity: 4.7 GB for single-layer, 8.5 GB for dual-layer

DVD Recordable

Writeable (burnable) DVD; five different formats: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM

Eco Pack

Box made from paper and starch


European colour scale according to DIN 16539; contained standards for four-colour offset printing; withdrawn in 2002 without being replaced

Full Tone

Surface of setting copies

Full Tone Density

Colour density of a full tone surface; measuring device: densitometer

Glass Master

Actual press tool used in the manufacture of CDs and/or DVDs

Gloss Paints

Colours can shimmer differently; the print image can be overprinted using gloss paint and matt paint

HD Video

High-definition video – the current form for watching high-quality films at home

HKS, HKS Colour Chart

Brand of Hostmann Steinberg Druckfarben, Kast + Ehinger Druckfarben and H. Schmincke & Co. (who manufacture print colours and artist's colours); the meaning is the predictable repeatability and communication of particular colour shades


Paper insert for the rear of boxes


Packaging made from folded paper or folded paperboard

Jewel Case, DVD Box, Blu-ray Box

Standard packaging types for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Light Types

Standard light D65 (6500° Kelvin), department store light TL 84 (4000° Kelvin), office light D50 (5000° Kelvin)

Mail Pack

Packaging as a postcard, also known as an "animated postcard"

Mastering, Glass Mastering

Production step in manufacturing the glass master

Media Book

Packaging in book form

Mini CD

Smaller format of the conventional CD; diameter: 80mm


Sleeve as additional casing of a box

Offset Printing

Indirect surface printing procedure from a metal plate to the optical data carrier via a rubber cylinder

Pantone Matching System

Colour system of the company Pantone LLC; developed in 1963; predominantly used in the graphics and printing industry; contains special colours, which cannot be achieved in the conventional four-colour printing (CMYK) process; it is not a standard, but a communication system


Plastic from the group of synthetic polymers, polyester family; transparent and colourless, can be dyed; we use: Makrolon® from Bayer


Template for creating the glass master for reproducing an optical storage medium

Press Proof

Sample print to check the quality


Simulation of the subsequent print image; created from the setting copy (customer data)


Procedure in printing technology to represent half-tones

Screen Printing, Serigraphy

Porous printing procedure; the print colour is printed through a fine-mesh gauze onto the optical data carrier using a rubber doctor blade

Spot Colours

See Special Colours

Shaping, Shape CD, Shape Disc

The disc is cut such that a desired form is produced, such as business cards, stars, etc. The form must be symmetrical, such that the disc does not experience any imbalance. For the storage of data, only the circumferential area is available. As soon an interruption occurs due to shaping, the residual parts on the circular arc can no longer be used.

Special Colours, Spot Colours

Additional colours; are not counted among the colours of the CMYK colour system, Pantone Matching System or HKS that are conventional in printing

Stamper, Die

Final print of the glass master obtained by electroplating, template for reproducing the disc


The tray is secured in the disc packaging and holds the disc in the centre with a small clip


Overlapping of colour fields; prevents the occurrence of white-spaces

UV Printing Colours, UV Drying

Drying within seconds; activation of the photo catalyst contained in the binding agent by way of UV light and initiation of drying by polymerisation


Small, unprinted parts, which occur during printing when there are adjoining colour fields; traps are used to avoid white-spaces


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