DVD Reproduction

Quality, Precision and Know-How

Your DVD is manufactured in our press plant using the most modern technology. To replicate Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs), we use the latest machines and technologies from the company Singulus, based in Kahl am Main in the Federal State of Bavaria. Our experienced and qualified employees press your DVD on Emould and Spaceline machines. Inline monitoring and quality control of your production is effected throughout the entire production process.

DVD Manufacturing

Glass Master and Stamper

As in the case of CD manufacturing, first of all a glass master is created from the data template for your order, the premaster, as an intermediate step. In doing this, it is checked whether your data corresponds to the standard, i.e. satisfies the specifications. The raw data is prepared for mastering and made available for the manufacture of the stamper.


Your DVD is manufactured from high-quality Makrolon®, the polycarbonate of the company Bayer. During pressing of the discs, two plastic discs, the so-called half discs, are produced. In e-mould injection-moulding machines, the information of your DVD is pressed into the hot polycarbonate using the die. The half discs are then coated with metal during sputtering. The actual DVD is produced only when the two metallised plastic discs are bonded (assembled) with a bonder.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee our consistently high quality by way of continual monitoring when reproducing your DVD. This happens during production using optical inline scanners (high-resolution camera systems) in the machine. Before the start of series production, your DVDs are checked by our qualified staff in calibrated offline measuring drives. During this, the discs are checked according to the current technical specifications and then released.

DVD Formats

Standard Formats

The DVD, or Digital Versatile Disc, is available in different standard formats. We produce the DVD-5, a single-layer (SL) disc, for you with a storage capacity of 4.7 GB. The dual-layer disc DVD-9 has a storage capacity of 8.5 GB. The second dual-layer disc, DVD-10, achieves double the capacity of a single-layer disc with two times 4.7 GB. With this disc, it is possible to combine different formats. One side can therefore contain the information of a DVD-ROM, while the second side is a DVD-Video. Alternatively, you can use side one as a DVD-Video in PAL format and side two as NTSC format.

Special Formats

For your company introduction at trade fairs, presentations or other advertising campaigns, we also manufacture the DVD as MiniDVDs. This special format has a storage capacity of 1.4 GB.

With a MiniDVD, you leave a good impression among your business partners or remain in discussion thanks to an exceptional promotional campaign.


You will find the specifications for data delivery in our Downloads area.

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