Replication of Compact Discs

CD Productions in the Best Quality

When producing your Compact Disc, we work with the most modern machines of German origin; we use the Skyline brand from Singulus. Qualified specialists produce your disc according to a high technology standard.


Glass Master and Stamper

From the data template for your order, the premaster, a glass master is created. During mastering, the information of the premaster is transferred to a glass disc using a laser beam, similar to burning a blank. This glass master is used as a template for creating the stamper during electroplating. In your order, you can also specify an individual inner ring inscription or a hologram for your stamper.


The Compact Disc is manufactured from transparent polycarbonate. We use the polycarbonate Makrolon® from Bayer. This plastic is pressed onto the die (stamper) by way of servo-controlled e-mould injection-moulding machines. On the side of the disc carrying the information, a thin, reflective aluminium layer is vapour-deposited. To draw particular attention to your discs, gold-look or partial metallisations can be manufactured. This so-called information level is sealed with a UV protective paint.

Quality Assurance

The reproduction of your disc is continually monitored. This is effected both manually by way of the inline measuring technique applied in the machine during production and manually by our trained staff. Before each series production, a measurement is conducted, during which the disc is checked according to the current technical specifications. The high quality of your products is therefore ensured, too.

CD Formats

Standard Formats

The Compact Disc is available as a CD Audio (sound only), CD-ROM (data only) or CD-Extra (sound and data). The standard is a disc with a diameter of 12 centimetres and has a storage capacity of max. 700 MB, which corresponds to approx. 80 minutes of runtime.

Special Formats

For company introductions at trade fairs, presentations or other advertising campaigns, we also manufacture the Compact Disc in special formats. Thanks to the smaller size and lighter weight, these special discs are especially interesting for postal mailings, for instance. You can therefore order the mini CD with a storage capacity of approx. 200 MB and a diameter of 80 mm. Or alternatively, a business card CD measuring 85 x 58 mm with a capacity of max. 30 MB.

With our special formats, you leave a good impression among your business partners.

Our shape CDs are extremely special and somewhat unusual. Here, the imagination knows virtually no limits. So, how about a disc in a heart or star shape? The shape CDs are fantastic for use as eye-catching and attractive advertising material.



You will find the specifications for data delivery in our Downloads area.

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