Blu-ray Disc™ – Media of the Latest Generation

The Future is 3D

With us, B.R. Productions & Packaging GmbH, your Blu-ray Disc™ production is in the best hands. Specially trained and highly qualified mechatronics engineers produce your Blu-ray Disc™ on the most modern machines of the global market. The Bluline from Singulus manufactures reliable and high-quality BDs. Our latest product on the market is the 3D Blu-ray Disc™. The format of the future.

Formats and Storage Capacities

The Blu-ray Disc™ is produced as a one-layer BD25 (single-layer) with a storage capacity of 25 GB and as a two-layer BD50 (dual-layer) with 50 GB storage capacity.

Blu-ray Disc™ Stamper Production

When producing the stamper for a Blu-ray Disc™, a glass master is no longer used. The creation of the die is realised using a silicone wafer. The manufacture of BD stampers is to a large extent patented by Sony and is also known as direct mastering.

Blu-ray Disc™ Replication

The completed stamper is first of all inserted into the injection-moulding machine, where it is held by a vacuum. Here, you inject the Makrolon® (polycarbonate) into a closed mould, in the same way as for the CD and DVD. Now, sputtering is effected, with a high-quality silver alloy, which serves later as a reflection layer to the laser. Various paint layers are also applied as layers or an information layer. To conclude the pressing, the so-called barrier coating is effected, which applies a silicone nitride layer to the surface.

Manufacturing Blu-ray Discs™

Blu-ray Premastering

The Blu-ray Disc™ production starts with the premastering. For the BD, this process is considerably more extensive than for the DVD (int. link). A film passes through a total of four phases until the Blu-ray Disc™ premaster is complete.

In the first phase, known as "Type A", the unencrypted file is read in using special processing software. The file size corresponds roughly to the size of the subsequent original.

The read-in file is now copied and at the same time provided with a temporary AACS key. This AACS copy protection is obligatory for BD-Video; without this mechanism, a disc cannot be played on a Blu-ray player. The phase in which the image is now located is called "Type B". At the same time, the first checks take place, to find out whether the delivered data and the data structure are absolutely free from errors. Continual monitoring is a fundamental component of the entire Blu-ray Disc™ production.

In the penultimate phase (Type C), an AACS encryption is applied based on the AACS key used. The image is now ready for the stamper to be produced.

Before actually duplicating the Blu-ray, an additional, physical copy protection is applied. The resultant Type D can now be used for reproduction as a completed Blu-ray premaster.

Blu-ray Disc™ Checks

During Blu-ray reproduction, permanent inline monitoring for every disc is effected, i.e. a range of checks with regard to technical specifications. This includes, for instance, the layer thickness distribution of the different applied layers, the reflection capacity and the hardness of the coating. Before the start of series production of your Blu-ray Disc™, additional quality checks and measurements are undertaken by our qualified staff. Test runs on different BD drives with current firmware are also performed.

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