Always having full shelves in the sales department and shelves that are as empty as possible in the warehouse - turning this objective into a reality is the job of our highly-performing customer service team. Make yourself comfortable and exploit our network for yourself, such that you can work on your core business.

We organise for you efficient, effective supply chains, distributed throughout the whole of Germany and extensive parts of Europe. Keeping material flows flexible in a market that's becoming ever more complex and optimising supply times is our objective each day. Tailored supply chain management projects with flexible production solutions and a transparent, safe and fast delivery of goods to the destination of your choice are our know-how for you.

Our order management department controls:

  • stock-keeping
  • shipment and transport
  • as well as returns management if necessary

We ensure that your requests are processed in a fast, smooth and transparent manner. Our logistics team works with real-time systems of our forwarding agents (Dachser, UPS, Schenker), to be able to exploit all track & trace potentials for you.

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