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General Information

Screen printing is a porous printing procedure. During this, the colour is transferred onto the disc through a fine-mesh gauze using a rubber doctor blade. The mesh openings of the gauze are either open or closed with the print motif. Similar to a stencil, the special colour is applied through the open parts in the gauze. In the screen printing process, the most diverse range of materials can be printed; both single- and multi-coloured prints are possible. The occurrence of the screen printing procedure with the use of silk gauze as a printing form comes from America; in this process, the silk gauzes used were of Swiss origin. In Germany, the procedure was used for the first time in 1920 and was previously known as serigraphy, too. Nowadays, the mesh widths of the gauze have however set boundaries when it comes to screen printing. When printing your CDs and DVDs, we use screen widths of 40 and 48, which correspond to a resolution of 100 lpi and 120 lpi.

In the screen printing procedure, we mainly print CDR and DVDR, but on request, we also print your CDs and DVDs in CMYK or brilliant special colours based on Pantone or HKS formulas. These are mixed directly for your order by our Marabu colour mixing system. We print using screen printing colours of the leading colour manufacturers Marabu and Sericol. The UV colours we use are very environmentally sound and are hardened in a second with UV drying (polymerisation).

Your orders are printed on screen printing machines, from the German manufacturer Kammann, by our qualified printing staff. In doing this, we draw on highly modern printing technologies, such as colour management, certified proof printing and digital test conditions, and therefore guarantee printing of the highest quality.

Thanks to our complete screen printing pre-stage, we can respond flexibly to your requests. Our screen frames are stringed with screen printing gauze from the Swiss company Sefar. The imaging on screen printing forms is effected by our modern CTS system from Kissel + Wolf.


You will find our current specifications with all dimension and printing information in the Downloads area.

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