Offset Printing of the Latest Generation

Innovative and Environmentally Sound

Offset printing in the area of optical storage media is a highly modern and innovative printing technology. We print your CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ as part of waterless offset printing using UV colours, an environmentally sound printing procedure. We print using colours from the renowned German manufacturers Marabu, Siegwerk and Sericol. The offset printing colours used are hardened in a second with UV drying.

During our pre-printing stage, we digitally image the printing plates using a modern CTP exposure unit. The printing staff carry out the colour matching directly on the machine using a certified proof. During the offset printing procedure, we abide by the Fogra offset printing media standard. Only after extensive quality checks is printing effected on our Kammann and KBA-Metronic offset printing machines. Trained and experienced staff print your discs around the clock.

General Information

Offset printing is an indirect flat printing procedure, in which the print is not effected from the print form directly on the disc, but first of all on a rubber blanket. From this, the image is transferred onto the CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. Aluminium composite plates with colour-absorbing and colour-repelling surfaces serve as carriers of the print motif. Today, these are produced using modern CTP exposure (previously using negative films). The direct exposure with a computer to plate system knows virtually no limits when it comes to the resolution capacity of the motifs. In our practical printing process and/or our pre-printing stage, screen widths of 70 to 80 dots per cm have proven their worth; this corresponds to a resolution of 175 lpi to 200 lpi.


You will find our current specifications with all dimension and printing information in the Downloads area.

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